VEX WCP DS 3 CIM Dual Speed Gear Box

For our robot we’re using the VEX WCP DS 3 CIM Dual Speed Gear Box. When we try to shift to low gear, we’ve been browning out our robot, but high gear works just fine. I think we’re using the largest and smallest gears available. Any suggestions on gear ratios or what/how we should change our low gear to?

you sure about which is low and which is which? the inverse is common.

Low gear browns your robot out? Current draws should be lower in low gear = less risk of brown out.

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Are you using 3 CIMS or 3 MiniCims for each gearbox?

It is 3 mini sim on each side (we are on the same team and that account just got put on hold for some reason)

Low gear being the larger one being the low gear (what our mentors decided to call them)

How does it feel when you rotate the wheels when the robot is off? Compare both sides, and both ratios. You should be looking for something that would be causing binding or gears that aren’t meshing well together. If all that feels smooth. Does your code power the motors differently for the high gear verses low gear? Maybe you have a motor reversed for the condition it is browning out. For the WCP 3 CIM, one of the motors is inherently reversed.

A good indicator of a reversed motor would be wildly uneven motor temps. After running the drivetrain if 2 motors are searing hot and one is ice cold, then you have a problem.

I may or may not be speaking from experience :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re using 3 mini cims

The wheels run fine, there’s no catches or anything. I’ll check with programming and see if that’s what is going on.

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