VEX website slow?

Anybody else experiencing issues with the Vex website? Seems to be slow and timing out often, even from my phone. Hope that’s because they’re making lots and lots of sales, and not because some pinhead is trying to DDOS them.

[Of course, probably the worst thing would be for everybody to check at the same time… So, please just reply if you’ve ALREADY noticed an issue.]

Not just you, I’ve been experiencing this since last night. :frowning:

I’ve been having issues since yesterday, and its really hit-or-miss if i get to the page I want or an error.

Yeah I had issues last night. Incredibly slow and my cart of 100+ items cleared out by itself :’(

I thought Paul was locking me out after our 775Pro drivetrain debates.
Good to see that its not just us.

Website is down :frowning:

It was down for us last night, just as we were trying to assemble our new 3CIM BallShifters, and buying parts for VersaPlanetaries :ahh:. Seems like it’s still down

Hi folks -

We noticed a significant uptick in traffic beginning yesterday afternoon and that’s causing some issues on our end. Our IT team is working on this as their top priority as we speak.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. You can also contact us via [email protected] and (903) 453-0802 if you need us to place a quick order on your behalf to ensure it ships today. We’ve had a few people call instead and we’ve got them all set! For general parts or design questions, [email protected] is your best bet.

Thanks for your patience while we work out this short-term issue. Of course, everything happens during build season :slight_smile:


And here I thought it was just the school’s wifi causing me problems last night :slight_smile: Persistence paid off, got my order in, although it did take a while. I feel for you Brandon, I had 137 items in my cart (Most of them were bearings… being able to order 10 packs instead of individual would be nice!), I would have been devastated if I lost them all and had to restart!

On another note… some of the ordering on Vex’s website can be painful and time consuming. For example, if you want to order a linear motion kit, you can’t just order it as a kit. You get the plates. Then go look up the bearings. Then look up the spacers. Then look up the shafts. You have to add everything to your cart individually. It’s nice being able to do so if you already have some stock of things, but having a single “buy everything needed” button would be really nice, and save a lot of time and confusion. Similar problem if you’re putting together a drive train. Even ordering a gearbox can get confusing with all of the options available, and I know I’ve missed things in the past that were necessary for the overall gearbox.

In this respect, AndyMark and Vex have opposite problems - AndyMark does a better job packaging things together, but then sometimes you can’t get specific small parts from an assembly. With Vex, you can get all the small parts, but have to spend the time creating the assembly in your order.