Vex World Championship Webcast

For whoever is intrested the 2009 world championship for vex will be brodacast on nasa and nasa tv.

Heres the link: Webcast

thanks a bunch

btw: is there anywhere i can find match results or any of that info online, i couldn’t find it last year during the event either.


2009 Championship Results page link:

Match schedule, results and standings.

anyone else having problems with the webcast? Sound cutting in and out? Not streaming at all?

the NEED to have several mirrors for this, it’s horrible to even try and watch

science field is working fine. no feed or results from technology.

no luck with fields but ok down below with "Via Internet Webcast (Courtesy of Yahoo!) "

thanks! yahoo works a lot better. shh don’t tell anyone :smiley:

where is the science webcast?

Where you can get a listing of the teams and where they are from? I am interested to know the relations between these teams and FRC teams.

Some of the teams (254, 148, 1114, 294 etc.) are using the same numbers as their FRC teams.

Looks like a team list if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Ok, so I wasn’t able to get off work to go to the championship today and there seems to be something wrong with the results page for the SCIENCE Dev. Does anyone know what the standings are as of now?

The TOP Ten would be great if anyone knows… anything after match 76 would be great…


It’s very frustrating that the Science division isn’t updated!

Hey guys - I’m from NZ and have mates at this event.
The online list says they (2900) should be in match 53 and they told me themselves match 124 but they were in neither? can anyone help me?

SCROSSLEY-GCEC Team 2900a is playing in the science division of the vex, they have played 4 matches but results for on the first 2 are up, they won both of them, they have 2 more matches tomorrow (saturday here), matches # 161 and # 181, to finish out the qualifying matches. check out the link above for match results, make sure its is on the SCIENCE Division.

Hopefully tomorrow the results will post real time.

Good Luck to your mates.
I’m going tomorrow maybe i will come across them and tell them you said HI!

Steph as has been mentioned there have been changes made to the divisions , probably due to the number of teams that had to pull out.

I used the already mentioned link, and found that
2900a plays in the science division and is listed as having played match #53. Which their alliance won.

I maybe totaly wrong but if you take the results table as true then they still have #98 and #124 to go tomorrow.
Another poster says they have already played those matches. I can’t understand why the results table for Science would be so far behind Technology. Can anyone explain why?

Are you getting up at 2:00am :yikes: to see the last day of the champs?

Jimb0 you re both epic and amazing rolled into one =] thank you so so much for all that!!

and Brent thanks for that added info =]

I saw match #124 being played so the results are quite far behind haha, it just really confused me that they weren’t in it. I’m assuming from those replies the Science and Technology Divisions both use every number, and I was watching the wrong one - which would make total sense as I saw 2904b (Westlake Girls, another mate of mine driving =]) and they are in the other division.

Thanks guys!!

p.s. Brent - getting up? i dont plan to sleep tonight =] gotta see Tim’s robot at work hehe (11.55pm Saturday atm :stuck_out_tongue: hooray for 2 more hours…)

SCROSSLEY-GCEC Thank You for the compliment, but I too was miffed about the standings. I was trying to show the guys at work the compitition and only got to see the tech div. But it was great to even see them. I’m heading out in a few mins to go to Dallas, (luckily it’s only about 45 mins away. Hang in there and maybe you will see your team. Again if i get to see them i will say That you are watching…

Good Luck


Oh and by the way it’s only a little after 7 am here.

Hope you have fun over there =]
aww thanks that would be epic :slight_smile:

you’re lucky to be so close :stuck_out_tongue: i’m like fifteen hours on a plane away :yikes:

Enjoy and thanks again,