VEX Worlds 2013

Who’s planning on attending the VEX Worlds 2013 ?

They have a new structure this year of 5 divisions ! It will be interesting to see how that pans out at championship level event with 420 teams.

I would like to meet other teams that do FRC and VEX to see how they structure their programs. The DiscoBots have tried to keep a balance for 5 years now but we are always open to new ideas.

I’m also excited to meet the amazing VEX volunteers and people that post on CD. Anyone planning on volunteering ?

I’m planning to stop by Saturday since it is practically in my backyard.

Me and another teammate are hoping to bring our FLL teams over :]

Team 359A, 3590A, and 3590B will be there.
359A is preparing for the excellence award presentation along with the actual competition. Its the same drive team as our FRC robot, except one of the students is part of another VEX team from another city here in Hawaii, Team 4109.

With that and FRC championships coming up, we are in rush mode in preparing for both trips at the moment.

Look for me in the College Division where I will be the head ref.

The college teams play 1v1 but build the two robots on their alliance. The switch this year is that one robot must fit in a 15” cube and the other a 24” cube. I am excited to see how the college teams worked with their new sizes.

2068 has four students attending this year as members of 2068H.

I’ll be there volunteering in some role or other. We’re also sending five teams.

I guess I better go too since it is in my backyard.

829A will be there representing the Digital Goats. I will not be able to attend but stop bye and say hello to the team and my son Nick who is their mentor.

I’m planning on stopping by, for a little while at least. :wink:
I’m all over the place, but if you see me wandering around please come say hello!

Do VEX competitions have webcasts?

I’ll be there again as a HS division head ref. I’m excited to see Sack Attack played at its best.

I’ll be bringing a pack of middle-schoolers with team 918. Can’t wait!

Yes, there are webcasts , apps and online rankings just like FRC.
Checkout the 2013 VEX Worlds info page,


Team 3880 will be there. We won an Excellence Award and planned on entering that competition. Sadly we were so involved with FIRST that we did not register for the award judging in time. :frowning:
Had no clue you had to apply to be judged at Vex worlds… We did enter a video and essays that were required in time though, didn’t know there were more that had to be submitted to be judged… seems redundant.

This was our first time competing in three FIRST regionals and was such a huge undertaking that Vex was forgotten about until we got back on the islands on the 2nd. Which was a day past the cutoff.

We will be bringing a small group of students as the rest are staying back to get everything ready for FIRST championships…

Good luck to all and see you there!

The divisions were just announced for … VEX worlds (sorry FRC people.)

They released the division lists on a planned date.

I will be volunteering in the Arts division.

I’ll be attending my first ever VEX Worlds, looking forward to it

I wish I can go.

As luck would have it, business travel is taking me to the LA area. Will be my first experience with the Vex program.

I’ll most likely stop in for a bit to say hello to my friends from FRC teams 359 and 368.