now selling official Vex products!

Check out the VexLABS website as another source for official Vex kits/components.

Hey, I need some of that stuff :wink: Thanks for the link Stu.

All we need now is the ability to buy the bearing blocks seperately. The old EDU blocks aren’t on the website anymore. You don’t get many in the starter kit or the extra hardware kit, and you can use a lot if you’re building a complex bot. :ahh:

I know vexlabs has been working on getting replacement motor clutches to sell online. How about adding these bearing blocks, too! :smiley:

Will VexLABS sell clutches for motors and servos?

There are no current plans to sell piece-parts, however this may happen in the future.

Although the new VexLabs site has no bearing blocks, and they have been removed from the current IFI site, I found from an old link that the previous IFI site pages still exist. When I ordered bearing blocks from them, the order was confirmed and shipped, and I received them today.

The link is:

Delrin Bearing blocks are now available from VexLABS in a standalone pack.