VEXmas 2018

VEXpro Christmas (or VEXmas, as you will) will take place next Wednesday, December 12th! With over 40 new SKU’s, we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with the FIRST community.

Just like last year, we will reveal a new product(s) every hour on the hour from 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. CST. Be sure to visit our VEXpro social media channels (Facebook: @VEXprorobotics; Twitter: @VEXprorobotics) and Chief Delphi throughout the day for the latest updates.

hopefully got some of them thunderhex bearings

Newb question, but what is the difference/application for a thunderhex vs hex vs round? And what is a thunderhex bearing exactly? Thanks!

Reading the VEXpro product page for Thunder Hex might be the easiest way to learn about it.

It’s not a newb question at all.

Definitely check out Allen’s link for a visual and description of the differences.

In brief, 1/2" round is hard to transfer motion to things on the shaft. Hex is great because it is easy to transfer motion from the shaft to the stuff on the shaft because,well it’s a hexagon and has sides to drive it. One of the biggest frustrations with hex is getting the hex shaft to line up with and go through the hex bearing as the bearing spins. It reminds me of this Shape Game , except its the more advanced version of the game because the base spins any time you try to line it up. This gets even more frustrating when you are short on time (between match repairs) or when you go into tight spaces on the robot.

Thunderhex is a hex shaft with rounded corners. It combines the positives from both round and hex since you can still easily transfer motion to things on the shaft (wheels/hubs/pulleys) but easily slide it into a round bearing so there is no trouble lining it up and putting it through the bearing.
We ran it the past two years, we love it. Highly recommend switching over if you need to stock up on hex shaft and bearings for the season.

Versa swerve please?


VersaSwerve or riot!

Just a reminder that VEXmas starts tomorrow morning. Our first batch of new products will go live around 9 AM CST, so be sure to check back in throughout the day for all the latest updates!

God I’m old. I saw this and knew immediately what movie this was.:smiley:

I cant wait for you guys to release your own brushless motor tomorrow. Hopefully

Frank already had a blog post outlining all of the FRC legal motors and speed controllers for the 2019 season. So even if VEX launches their own brushless, you’ll still have to wait a year to use it.

On the FIRST day of Vexmas my favorite supplier gave to me??? :smiley:

Only the greatest comedy film of all time*. No shame in recognizing that.

*non Mel Brooks division

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The thing I want most is all the existing VEX and related CTRE/WCP products to be in stock.

Would Vex swerve be called a Verve drive?

Yes please

Can you change this to 9am EST? I have a meeting at 9 cst.