VexPro 2-Speed Pneumatics Fittings Needed, St Louis Area (was 3397 Needs Urgent Help)

So, we at 3397 ordered a Vex Pro Ballshifter without realizing the need for the special pneumatic fittings for the cylinder. Are there any St. Louis area teams who happen to have the pneumatic fittings that we could come pick up today? We ordered them, but they will not be here until Monday, and we are hoping to do some testing before Tuesday.

Thanks for any help!

Sorry, we’ve only got one, and it’s on our robot. Did you try ordering from AndyMark? We forgot to order some shifting parts and they got our order in (I believe) by the next day. Their shipping is usually really fast.

It’s already Saturday. Doesn’t matter where they order from, they won’t get it before Monday.

We have a pair. I’ll see if our coach can find you guys’ contact info. If not, I’ll send you directions via PM.

When would we be able to do this, tomorrow or Monday morning maybe?

Thank you guys so much, we really appreciate it!