VEXpro 2013 PDV

We saw a few comments made that teams were having trouble using their VEXpro PDV codes today. I’ve started this thread so we can discuss them here.

The PDV page is here:
If you have an account at I recommend you login before starting the process on that page.

We’re investigating the issues that some user’s are reporting, but our IT folks say everything looks fine on the back-end.

I also want you to know, I personally verified the FRC148 coupon code worked, and went through the full PDV process successfully. (Our shipping guys might think it is weird that I’ve asked them to hand deliver me 2 Victor 888’s, a 393 Motor, Motor Controller 29, and a 3-wire Adapter.)

Please note, there is no time-limit or restriction on your VEXpro donation code. We want to get these items out just as much as you want them. We will work to make sure every team has the opportunity to receive their donated items.

If you experience a problem with your order, please contact our sales team directly at [email protected] or 903.453.0802. We want to make it right. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update and for staying on top of things, John.

I’m wondering if my problem is common: right around the time we all were struggling with FIRSTchoice, I tried the IFI PDV and found that it went through, up to the point of sale, when I got an error code. Since then, when I try to enter the voucher code I get: “Coupon code ‘FRC14-xxxx-xxxx’ is not valid”. Any ideas?

Thanks again. I’m sure this has been a trying day for everyone associated with FRC. I appreciate what you guys do for all of us.

I got the coupon code invalid error because I still had the items in my cart from the first failure and tried to readd everything, including the coupon.

Check your cart, maybe there is stuff in it along with the coupon code.

This is the message I got earlier today.

I just tried again now, but now I get the “Coupon code “FRC14-0222-xxxx” is not valid.”

I will send an email to sales.

Tried ordering IFI, keep getting coupon code invalid. Between IFI and AndyMark not a good day. It will get better.

I do believe that my team’s code being invalidated was my fault in this case. After inputting the data from my Visa gift card and attempting to place the order, I was told that the transaction could not be completed. After that, I left the order page and tried again, but found that the code was no longer valid. I can only assume that it was this entering of the code twice that caused my issues.

Just to provide another data point, I just tried entering the order again from scratch. Still getting “Coupon code “FRC14-1986-xxxx” is not valid.”

My code was valid earlier as well, but the transaction could not be completed. I checked my CC and I do have several pending charges (for the cost of shipping), but no order confirmation or order history.
Now when I try again, I am also told the code is invalid.

I tried to put the code in as well, and seemed to work fine until I tried to complete the order, and I got the same error. I retried several times. Now I have 5 separate charges in the amount of shipping, and 1 in the full cost amount without the voucher… I sent an email to sales. I’m sure it will be resolved, but I just wanted everyone who got the error to check their credit card info just in case.

Thanks to Vex for offering this PDV again. Getting two motor controllers in the kit is super helpful, particularly when we have the choice of two types.

PDV worked perfectly for us, had to add parts directly from the PDV site to make it work though. Thanks again to Vex for offering this!

This is the same issue we were having, but team-orderer said he’d call Monday to get it figured out with you guys. :]

I have the same problem here. 3 charges for shipping and one for the full cost but no order confirmation. It kept erroring out when I tried to submit.


I appreciate the comments, and have passed them along to our IT folks for review. We are seeing a large number of PDV orders going through successfully, and trying to understand what causes issues like the ones being reported here.

As I said before, if you have a problem please don’t hesitate to contact our sales folks so they can help you out.

[email protected] or 903.453.0802


Everything just worked fine for me.

Thanks for the support!!!

Team Talon

Your sales phone extension has a full mailbox FYI. I sent an e-mail, thanks for the support.

Just checked my account on the VEX site…no order but I do have items in my cart for the PDV items. When I try to use the PDV I get the notice that the PDV is no longer valid.

The kicker is that my credit card has two pending charges for the shipping.

I know this will be fixed and that we should be appreciative of the donations but this weekend has been just a bit like coming downstairs on Christmas Day and finding no presents.

These pending charges will drop off in a day or 2 - they are temporary authorizations.

Give the Sales team a call or e-mail Monday and they’ll get the PDV code reset and make it work for you.

Sorry for the issues.


FRC3005 is getting errors as well.

I tried to place my order yesterday and got all the way to the check out then I received an error saying my order couldn’t be completed. I came back today and now my code says it’s invalid.

Sent an email, hopefully hear something back tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hmm…I just called the sales number and was basically told to check back later after they fixed the website.