VEXpro 2017

Announcing the VersaPlanetary v2! This updated design is now held together with screws that install on the “back” (motor side) of the housing. This means that the gearbox can be disassembled to change gearsets without removing the gearbox output from the robot. Bosses have been added to the sides of the gearbox so when it is side-mounted you can “crank down” on the mounting screws without accidentally misaligning a ring-gear stage.

Note: The v1 & v2 input and output blocks cannot be mixed and matched - A v2 input block must be used with a v2 output block. Ring gears and gear kits are compatible between v1 & v2

In addition, base VersaPlanetary kits now include an optional pilot ring that will allow users to pilot the VersaPlanetary on a 0.75" hole, instead of relying on screw clearances to locate the gearbox. The plastic motor mounting plates now pilot on the input block.

The VersaPlanetary v2 is in stock now! Be sure to order yours now to prepare for the upcoming season. Check out this link for more information:

These look like some nice tweaks to make the Versaplanets even better.

Are there any other new products this year?

Just when you though it couldn’t get better…

Very nice addition to an already solid product line! Fingers crossed for more additions before Steamworks

And to think I just bought the now v1 versa planetaries last week. Oh well. Time to stock up on new parts again. Very nice tweaks to the already great product line.

Solid improvements! Nice job Vex team.


Why did they get rid of the headphone jack though? =p

Good Stuff!

Am I correct that the changes are all maintenance and assembly related and the are no changes to load ratings, etc?

How do the new mounting screws work with the larger motors? Different mounting plates to account for bolt access? I’m sure you guys figured it out, but it would be nice to see some pictures of the access with each of the different compatible motors attached!

It is mentioned that old and new blocks can’t be mixed, but is it safe to assume we can use the old versa encoder with this?

They say that the stages are interchangeable between the two revisions. Because the versa encoder is a stage and not an input/output block, I would assume we can still use them in the v2.

I second that.

Awesome stuff! We’ll be grabbing some of these this offseason.

Hi Jon,

I think you’ll find what you’re looking for in these two documents, including some handy charts to let you know exactly which screws are needed with each motor and stage combination.

VersaPlanetary v2 User Guide
VersaPlanetary v2 Screw Guide

These documents and more can be found on the VersaPlanetary product page in the “Docs & Downloads” section.

Thanks Karthik,

One note - Pg 9 of the user’s guide has everything called a “CIM Motor Output Shaft” in the tables, despite the different header names. (Copy-and-paste fail :wink: )

Do you anticipate getting any dual-motor input adapters into stock for the v2 prior to the start of build season?

Perfect, the last page of that first doc is really what I was looking for! It looks like the mounting plate for larger motors like the CIM motor have external access to the motor mounting mounting bolts, letting you remove the motor and then disassemble the gear box, while the smaller motors do it the other way around - disassemble the gear box in order to remove the motor. Clever!


Echoing what everyone has said, looks like very solid changes to an amazing product. My one question is, weather or not shafts will be inter changeable between the two.

I think that’s what you’re looking for.

Is the VP v2 the only new product we can expect to see from Vex this year? I had hoped for a lot of new products…