VEXpro 2018 Product Unveil

#VEXproChristmas has arrived!

Developed as a collaboration between West Coast products, we’re excited to introduce our VersaRoller system & Urethane Belts!

Available in high-strength anodized aluminum or lightweight plastic, the VersaRoller system can be utilized in a variety of ways. This system makes it easy to create custom width rollers while also giving flexibility in how they are driven.

In addition, we are also introducing Urethane Flat Belting. These belts will be sold in 10’ strips, and come in three different widths (1”, 1.5” & 2”).

Use the VersaRoller system and belts in tandem to create intakes and feeder systems.

For more information and availability, check out the product pages here:

Next up for #VEXproChristmas, the VersaPlanetary Universal Female Output Shaft (217-5839).

Spoiler alert, it’s really hard to make the right length VersaPlanetary output shaft for every possible application. So instead, we made the Universal Female Output Shaft.

This gives the VersaPlanetary a female output, which allows you to make an output shaft of whatever size you need.
Each kit also comes with three different adapters. One for 1/2" Hex, one for 3/8" Hex and one for 1/4" Square - an added bonus for FTC teams. This also means you can easily use a VersaPlanetary to drive any VEX EDR high strength shaft, gear, or wheel.

For more information and availability, check out the product page here:

These all look great, but “Available January 31” for all things… may not be be as useful as I would like.


Many of our products are currently in transit. However, the US Customs and Border backlog this time of year is quite high. We put January 31st on these items as a worst case scenario. I expect many of these products will be available much sooner.

I understand your disappointment in not being able to order these right away, but we felt that announcing now so you know what is coming was better than not announcing until the middle of the season.

I hope you understand.

Unfortunately this is kinda a dealbreaker for all of these products for this season… it’s a shame too because they look really great.

Assuming they would take a week to ship, we wouldn’t be able to actually get these parts until build week 6.

Introducing the VersaPlanetary Lite!

The VersaPlanetary Lite takes everything you know and love about the VersaPlanetary V2, and puts it into a lightweight plastic form factor. The VersaPlanetary Lite is perfect for the FIRST® Tech Challenge, and low-stress FIRST® Robotics Competition applications.

The VersaPlanetary Lite uses a plastic housing and ring gear, and the existing gear sets from the VersaPlanetary. One of its cooler features is that you can mix and match components from the VersaPlanetary, and the VersaPlanetary Lite. For example, you could use a plastic input and output with a metal ring gear, or a metal input and output with a plastic ring gear.

For more information and availability, check out the product pages here:

3/8" ThunderHex

Less expensive plastic VersaPlanetary versions are a win for FTC and some FRC applications. I like it.

Next up, the Ball Shifter Mag Encoder Mount (217-5906)!

After releasing the Mag Encoder a few years ago, we received a ton of positive feedback from the FRC community. However, you also told us that there wasn’t actually an easy way to mount it to a ball shifter…. Oops.

Luckily, that is now a thing of the past with the Ball Shifter Mag Encoder Mount!

This mount allows users to easily mount a Mag Encoder to any existing VEXpro Ball Shifter. No need to modify any of the Ball Shifters that you already own!

For more information and availability, check out the product page here:

For those of you that haven’t seen (thanks Paul), this year we’re introducing the VersaBlock Mini (217-5852)!

The VersaBlock Mini is a smaller version of the original VersaBlock Kit. The VersaBlock Mini uses ⅞” OD bearings, and clamps around a 1” x 1” VersaChassis tube. You can also use the VersaBlock Mini in tandem with our new 1" x 1" plastic VersaFrame tubing.

Finally, with all these new options for smaller robots, you’ll need smaller gears as well. So we’re also introducing VEXpro 32 DP Gears. These gears have a Diametrical Pitch of 32 , which allows for reductions in smaller areas. They are also pocketed for maximum weight savings.

For more information and availability, check out the product pages here:

I’ve been looking at the video for this mount over and over again because I’m really interested in this offering. We had trouble getting reliable readings from the encoders on the 2CIM ball shifters we bought last year, because the plastic gear kept slipping. The one thing I have not be able to figure out yet though is, what is the encoder reading? Where is the magnet?

There are all kinds of chain tools out there that teams can use to break chain, but in the spirit of VEXpro, we wanted to make something that was made specifically for FIRST teams.

So, we made our own improved version of the Dark Soul chain break for #25 chain. This makes it easy to break and assemble #25 chain. Better yet, it’s also sized so you can assemble chain in place on your robot.

We didn’t stop there either. Sometimes #25 chain just doesn’t cut it and you need to go bigger and use #35 chain. That’s why we created a chain break for #35 chain. All the same features as before, but sized for #35 chain.

In addition, we’re also adding new #25 Sprockets with a 3/8" Hex Bore and Steel versions of all our #35 Hub Sprockets!

For more information and availability, check out the product page here:

Is there going to be an option to buy replacement pin screws? I have seen students accidentally break them and would love not having to replace the entire tool.

Look at the cad files on the web page. There is is a gear (217-1718 Maybe?) and what appears to be some bearing or a bushings on either side.

The magnet comes with the Mag Encoder kit.

The way it works is you put the 12 tooth encoder gear that comes with the Ball Shifter on the magnet. The magnet rides on two 1/4" ID bearings (included with the mounting kit) and the Mag Encoder attaches to the plastic mount.

+1. I have no idea why our chain break was ever disassembled, but it was and our pin screw is now lost forever.

For what it’s worth, I (and other VEX engineers and staff) have been using these chain breaks over the last couple months and have not broken a pin on the screw. This means that initially, we will not be selling replacement screws. However, if this does become a problem we will certainly look at that option.

We broke the pin on our Darksoul after 10 min of taking it out of the box last year…

You guys should hire on some high school students to do destructive user testing. You don’t even have to tell them that it’s their job, they’ll figure it out on their own. :slight_smile:

But now you don’t have to wait 3-6 months for it to be in stock again…

Any chance of a later upgrade for the chain breaker to have additional “chain holding” pins like this #35 break]( The lack of an extra pin for the other end of chain has been my biggest complaint with the Dark Souls version.