VEXpro: 2021 Product Releases

We’re starting #VEXmas a little earlier than usual this year!

First up are 1/32" Thick Acetal Spacers, available as a 10-pack for both 3/8" and 1/2" Hex shafts.

I wish I could write some sort of cute marketing line here to make you all think that these are better than other spacers, but that just isn’t possible. You know what you’re getting here.

Next are updated versions of our Square Shaft VersaHex Adapters.

These adapters are smaller and lighter than their predecessors, and now come in an 8-pack for both 1/8" and 1/4" lengths. We’re also adding a new plastic version as well. These are intended to be a low cost and even lighter weight version for low load applications. The plastic version will come as a 16-pack, containing eight each of 1/8" and 1/4" long adapters.

Finally, we’re also announcing a new 10T, 10DP Steel Spur Gear for 1/2" Hex Shafts

With more teams looking to manufacture their own gears for turrets and arms, we wanted to offer a small gear that teams can use to drive their custom manufactured gears. The 10T 10 DP gear is made from 4140 steel, and has a large enough radii that teams can easily machine this profile, making it perfect for driving custom 10 DP gears.

In addition to the gear, we’re also releasing STEP files of 10 DP gears from 100T to 240T in increments of 10T. These models are intended to be a starting point for team’s custom gear designs. These models feature the involute tooth profile as opposed to the approximation that most CAD programs produce. Using the involute profile is ideal if you’re manufacturing your own gears and will help ensure a smoother mesh with the 10T 10 DP gear.

All of these new products are available now on the VEX Robotics US website. Expect them to be available soon internationally as our other warehouses receive stock, and be on the lookout for more new VEXpro product announcements in the coming weeks!


You have no idea how much sanity and skin from my fingertips these would have saved.


That 10dp gear is an awesome addition. We made a turret gear in 2021 with a 10dp tooth profile. It was the perfect size to cut with an 1/8” router bit. Happy to see 10dp items becoming available in COTS solutions.


Please explain more. What is the application that these spacers particularly help in preserving sanity, and skin?

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Taking up tiny gaps without sanding down a 1/16" spacer.


Should probably mention the pressure angle of the 10dp gear somewhere on the site or drawings.

Seems really useful for oddly high load stuff (for FRC at least) like some launchers from 2014 or pivoting climbers from 2010.


Got it!


It is

10 DP gear pressure angle


whoops must have missed it

I might need some of these for an art project.


A couple of these gears should arrive soon. (FedEx Ground.)

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