VEXpro Ball Shifter Hardware Kit

Hey guys,
I can’t find these screws dimensions, does anyone have it ?
VEXpro Ball Shifter Hardware Kit - VEX Robotics
Thanks guys
Team 5553 from France

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Dang that’s a shame they do not have the components listed, they should. Eyeball sas they should be 8-32s and 10-24 threads. But I could be wrong, not sure on length.

The ball shifter assembly instructions will have the part call outs (under docs and downloads) this will take a little bit of sifting through the .pdf

Is this for the 2 or 3 cim version? 3rd stage?

ok i’ll go and see thanks

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well actually i’m trying to find the right screws dimensions for ball shifter shafts : Ball Shifter Short Output Shaft v2 - VEX Robotics

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yeah but can you find it there ? I personally don’t

If you are talking the output shaft that takes a 1/4-20 .500" long.


Ok thank you very much

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