VexPro Ball Shifter


My team is using the Vexpro Ball Shifter V2, but the ball shifter gear that we are using is too much of a friction fit onto the ball shifter and does not spin freely when it is disengaged.

Is this a defect of our product or did we assemble this incorrectly?


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Could you post pictures of the ball shifter shaft assembly? Have you checked for any debris between the gear and the shaft?

Pictures of the assembly would be helpful for troubleshooting this. Could you post or link to some?

The gear that is being put is too tight. There is too much friction between the gear and the ball shifter.

Make sure the bronze bushing is perfectly square to the shaft when you’re putting it on. If it’s misaligned it can bind and cause friction. Can you get the gear and bushing any further down the shaft or is that as far as they’ll go?

You’re also putting one of them in backwards. The bronze bushing flanges should not face each other.

From the angle of the picture, it looks like the holes you drilled are dangerously close to the roots of the gear teeth (where the highest stress concentration occurs).

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