VEXpro Build Blitz Unveil & Community Vote

Time’s up!

Both teams are unveiling their robots now live at

Part of the judging process is a community vote. Check out each team’s robot and post your vote in the poll in this thread!

We’ll follow up with the official unveiling and recap videos as well.

Will any CAD be posted in time for the community vote?

CAD won’t be posted until later, but there are a lot of good notes and photos on the whole process in the liveblogs at

I almost hated to vote one over the other; both teams did great jobs throughout and it showed in the final results. Thanks.

Both robots are inspiring, both show creativity and exemplify a thoughtful, rapid development process.

Gotta love the Team JVN drivetrain, it is really sweet and nearly invisible. With some practice I think a good driver could really make that thing dance.

But, for the one-bot truss and catch, I think the edge goes to Team Copioli. That is going to be the top-seed move.

any videos of the robots in action? Some of us were teaching when it was live…

One bot truss and catch? I may be missing something here, I haven’t been keeping up with all the details but bits and pieces, but I thought points would not be awarded if the ball was caught by the same robot that launched over the truss.

We’ll have an archive of the unveiling and also full unveiling videos posted as soon as we can.

If you go back to the Livestream event it is all archived there as well:

They arent, but its a heck of a lot faster to do that then try to go fetch your own lob.

I loved the entire 3 days build event. The prototype, design, build, iterate (whatever order) each team went through was facinating. They live look ins, Q&A, build video, blog posts, etc were amazing. I almost wanted to stay up and continue watching each night.

I think both robots are incredible, not just for a 3 day build, but overall they are elimination and possibly Top 25 worthy (with minor changes and practiced drivers).

I voted for TeamJVN. I think the simplicity of the over the bumper intake into the catapult shooter is really nice. The huge sweet spot they have with the longer range shot will work really well in competition. The robot looks really easy to use…very smooth.

I am not a fan of the omni drive, I think in a real competition it would effected by defense pretty easily, but there is no defense in the 3 day competition.

For TeamCopioli, I love the Versa WCD! The ability to make a robot with no custom machining was incredible. Really well done! It just seemed like there was a steeper learning curve to learn how to drive, collect, and shoot… just more opportunities to make mistakes (without more drive practice). I would prefer more range on the shooter, but I think using a motor driven kicker was the limiting factor.

Overall, you could tell this wasn’t your average build process. The amount of talent assembled was incredible. Pretty much anything that came out of this was going to be really well thought out and executed. There were some really cool ideas, like Aren’s choo-choo design and Art’s 4-bar linkage, that are very inspiring.

Now we just need to think of a way to improve these designs or make another designt that is even better, or we will be kicking ourselves for not just making one of these and practicing for the rest of the build season.