VEXpro Build Blitz](

2 FRC Robots to play the 2014 FRC game in 72 hours?! The entire process documented online and streamed live to the world?! It’s VEXpro Build Blitz!

Longtime FRC mentors and professional engineers Paul Copioli and John V-Neun will each be leading their own dream teams of FRC mentors and students when they compress the 6-week FRC Build Season into 72 hours.

The teams will watch FRC Kickoff and then commence the Build Blitz at 12p Central on Saturday January 4th. Follow all of the action live at BuildBlitz.comwith live video streams, commentary, blog updates and more.

Also get updates on Facebook and Twitter:
-Updates on Facebook:
-Updates on Twitter: @BuildBlitz, @TeamCopioli, @TeamJVN

We’ll be updating this post and the site constantly as we get ready to go. Let us know if there is anything you want to see or have any questions for us.

I am looking forward to this. The teams are awesome. Will you be sharing the code developed during this?

The site has been updated recently with much more content, including a schedule and information on judging, one of the main things the community has been curious about.

One of the goals of Build Blitz is a heavy emphasis on process and documentation for teams to use as a resource after the fact. Code will probably fall under that umbrella - however, it’s worth noting that the teams will both be using the VEX Cortex Microcontroller instead of the FRC control system. See Team JVN’s first blog post for more details on this (and a few other) decisions.

I would like an in-depth breakdown of the game itself from their perspective more so than any physical robot. I would like what scores they think will be needed to win a match. Design specific strategies as well. A couple pages of their infinite wisdom on this would be very valuable!!

Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, is the schedule posted using CST or EST?

Good call - CST. Website has been updated accordingly.

You’re telling me there’s more than one time zone other than Texas Time ™?

Thanks for the update Grant! Looking forward to hearing your sideline reports.

Since Texas is its own country, that does make sense… :yikes:

I’m super pumped about seeing what these two amazing teams come up with. The high quality production so far has been a huge plus, and could even lay the grounds for this becoming something that people outside of FIRST follow.

Build Blitz: Putting the PRO back into VEX PRO.

Okay… that’s pretty awesome. No… it’s totally awesome.


And we’re live at!

The Team JVN and Team Copioli streams will stay focused on their teams 24/7 and the main Build Blitz live stream will switch between them and feature the live look-ins and Q&As and other highlight videos throughout the Build Blitz.

Really interesting discussions so far, but its been very hard to hear most of the people talk, especially on the JVN feed. The Copiloli feed has been easier to listen to (small room), but can’t really hear much on the JVN feed.

We’ve tried to get the audio issues better on all feeds. Let us know if it still an issue for you.


As you know Mike and I are here in Texas to cover this event for the FRC community. Our job is to bring as much of the action to you as possible. If you want to pose a question to any of the team members Mike and I will be able to ask it for you during the LIVE segments we’re doing throughout the event. There’s several ways for you to get your questions to us.

Tweet @buildblitz or use #buildblitz and include your question

Write your question on the Build Blitz wall or comment on the post asking for questions.

Or post them right here!

We’ll try to get through some of the questions LIVE or we’ll tweet or respond back as best we can.

67 hours left!

Our first Live Look-In is live now on the Build Blitz live stream - moved to the top at


Live Look-in #1 is posted here if you missed it!

Our first scheduled Q&A has been postponed while we worth through some technical issues on the main Build Blitz feed. The individual team feeds are still up.

We’re back at it this morning with both teams’ feeds live along with the main mix.

Day 1 Recap Video:

Day 1 Q&A:

Live streams and constantly updating content available at

50.5 hours to go and counting!

Live look-in #2 is on now and going in depth with some decisions from overnight.

Check it out on the main mix at

There is a shot of Paul and Karthik doing some hard core math on a white board. Can we get a description of what they were calculating?

On the JVN side there was CAD of a 72 tooth gear, something VEXpro does not make. Will this appear as a nse item, or is there a new base design?


VEXPro certainly does offer this gear.