VEXpro Build Blitz

Ah, there was a point. “VEXpro makes every single gear… EXCEPT a 72 tooth with bearing bore, which is OF COURSE the one we need!”

JVN is listing every single gear that VEXpro makes out loud. 1:30 am is starting to get the best of some of us…

This is what I was talking about…

Is their any chance that you guys will release your cads to the public of FRC designs?:smiley:

Yes, we’ll be releasing all CAD files once they’re complete.

Oh wise one, whence is this ‘complete CAD’ of which you speak? :wink:

is the sound on copioli stream not working?

The camera looking into the TeamCopioli CAD room is actually in the room next door because I refuse to turn off LL Cool J Radio on Pandora so the sound won’t pick it up.

Regarding the drawings and CAD, the plan for TeamCopioli is to release all of the 3D CAD files and all of the drawings that we created for the build before the end of the day on Tuesday.


I’m only familiar with “Here’s most of the CAD, the rest I got lazy and didn’t add in, but you get the idea!”


Very cool stuff! Watching the feeds for all these 3 day builds has been fun, can’t wait to see the final results!

“Complete” is a very relative term. (Anyone who has ever seen the 1114 CAD models know exactly what I mean.)

Apologies if this was mentioned in the streams/chats/etc, I’ve only had time to tune in sporadically, and can’t currently since I’m at work (hush, nobody tell my boss I’m on CD righ tnow). :rolleyes:

Quick question for team JVN (I have no twitter, which seems to be the preferred contact method?). Has the thought of the “lay-up”/easily caught shot been completely abandoned? I remember you were able to adjust the trajectory of your shot on your prototype by changing how the ball was held, the lever’s initial point, and the release point. Did you ever try deflecting a (close to) vertical shot? Think 67 in 2006. It’s likely far too late to add one to the final Build Blitz bot at this point, but it would be wonderful to see the prototype try a shot like this.

We’re back at it. Today’s first look-in is live on the main mix at

I’ll have Grant get back to you.

Just spoke with JVN! Here’s what he says.

No, we haven’t completely abandoned it. We’re going to try to dial in the sweet spot first. If we have the time, we’re going to try to add that in and tune it - and if all else fails, we’re going to look to fall back on that as well.

There are several of us here at BuildBlitz monitoring ChiefDelphi, so if you don’t have a twitter (Like Sean), feel free to ask questions here! The social media team or the sideline reporters will try to address them quickly.

Happy Monday afternoon. We have less than 24 hours to go!

Our afternoon look in is live now on the main mix at - featuring live robot action!

We’re in the final hours!

Our last live look-in before the robots are judged and unveiled is going up soon at

Time’s up!

Both teams are unveiling their robots now live at

We’ll follow up with the official unveiling and recap videos as well.

Thanks to those who tuned in - everyone here at VEXpro had a blast with the Build Blitz, and hope that you enjoyed it as well!

Final CAD files for both teams are now available on the Build Blitz site -

If you have any further questions, feel free to post in this thread or tweet to @BuildBlitz.

I actually started laughing when I saw the cadded representation of a wrench on jvn’s robot. Lots of interesting details in here.

The 2014 Drive in a Day is now available!

When I look at the Team Copioli CAD files I get a bit confused. The middle pulley that drives two belts out of the gear box is a 15mm Timing Pulley and the outer pulleys for the wheels are 9mm Timing Pulleys. There aren’t any belts in the CAD design but I am assuming they used the 9mm VEX Timing Belts. Are they using a different belt/pulley or how does this work?

Are you going to release instructions for gearbox mounting and other VersaChassis instructions?

They are probably doing this:

I’m looking at the CAD files for the team JVN robot, and I can’t seem to figure out what is providing the shooting force for their catapult (Springs? Surgical tubing?). Is there something I’m missing?

I’m also curious what reductions were used on the planetary gearboxes on the shooter retraction mechanism and the collector, as well as what motors are attached to them.

Ok, so I figured out the answer to most of those questions (I finally found the robot reveal video on YouTube), I am however still curious as to what kind of surgical tubing you guys used for the shooter, and what the reduction is on the planetary used on the collector.