VEXpro Christmas In August

VEX Robotics is happy to announce the newest products to the VEXpro line. These products are primarily intended for use with FIRST Tech Challenge, but there are some that may be of interest to FIRST Robotics Competition teams as well.

First up, D Shaft Adapter Hubs.

These hubs bridge the gap between different building systems commonly used in FTC, allowing for easier accessibility to VEX EDR gears and wheels. Learn more here:

Next up, Flex Wheels!

We teamed up with West Coast Products to create these silicone rubber wheels that can be used with intakes, conveyor systems and shooters. They come in 4 (for now :wink: ) different sizes, and three varying hardnesses. Learn more here:

New flex wheels! Very excited for the 3 and 4 inch varieties. The 1" bore should be great for intake rollers.

Thanks VEX!


With an average fully-assembled weight of 8.5 lbs (including wheels, gearboxes AND motors), the VersaChassis Mini provides FIRST Tech Challenge teams with the lightest configurable drivetrain kit in the market.

Click here for more info:

Rounding out our new products for FIRST Tech Challenge teams are some updates to our Roller Chain and 4" Omni-Directional Wheels. Click here for more info:

Also, be sure to tune into First Updates Now FTC tonight at 7:30 CST for your chance to win some of our new products!

Nice! We had an issue last year with rollers flying off but looks like those are issues of the past.

Is that an EDR output stage for the VP or is there an adapter somewhere in the middle?

Hella sick! New flex wheels look great, and FTC seems a lot more approachable now!

I was expecting a high price but that is a really reasonable price especially for the larger diameter ones.

Are they injection molded or Waterjet?

You mentioned in a few places that

Is this a different silicone blend than the type used in WCP’s Flex Wheels? It says that this product was developed in collaboration with WCP, so I imagine that it’s the same.

What makes this silicone blend better than the TPU used in AndyMark’s compliant wheels? Basically, why should teams use this product over the competitors’?

For starters, they don’t fall apart after use.

Same blend (2018 version), cooler colors!



I can attest to the WCP material making a difference over the AndyMark ones. We used the AM ones during the regular season, and switched to the WCP ones for our offseason intake, and you can definitely feel and notice the performance difference with the WCP material.

Really glad to see the addition of more options for the compliant wheels. I’m pretty confident we will continue to see these as popular wheels for most future FRC games.

Show is about to start! Come join us!

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Is it Christmas when Santa is leaving?