VexPro still out of stock?

Sorry for raising this topic again – I really like prototyping with VexPro parts, whether for FRC robots or for other projects.

One of those projects needs some 1/2" hex shaft and bearings. Can someone from VexPro or therobotspace or WCP please advise when these will be back in stock?

I would like to plan … :slight_smile:


Not to steer you away from VexPro, but Andymark has those items in stock.

You can get hex stock from

… But they aren’t anodized black for performance! :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s the best variant to get from there???

You can also get hex stock from McMaster Carr. It is a little smaller on each side (-.002~). We used it this year and it works great and is honestly what we are going to use for now on. It does easily interact/work with VexPro/Andymark hex objects: hubs, collars, etc.

Our experience was less than excellent using the 6061 1/2" hex from McMaster this year. It was as much as 0.005" over in some places, making it nearly impossible to install into the hex bearings and some of the hex collars. We did find the 2024 aluminum hex to be slightly undersized and work perfectly for us. It’s significantly more expensive, but we didn’t mind the extra strength it provided.

We also used the 2024 High Strength AL from McMaster and had no issues with it fitting the AM Hex collars or bearings.

We ordered it in a 5 foot stick to save some cost.

Unfortunately, both the 1/2" Hex Shaft and associated 1/2" Hex Bearings will not be back in stock until late summer, potentially early fall. I would keep an eye out when they come back, though… we’re constantly reviewing product applications in FRC and beyond, finding ways to make our products even more useful for teams.

For what it’s worth, Aren’s replacement 1/2" hex shaft of choice comes from Of course, this recommendation comes with the expected disclaimer - not officially endorsed by VEXpro, not guaranteed to be 100% compatible, etc.

We used the steel, not the aluminum, forgot to mention that.

Andymark sells it for much cheaper than $20 for six feet and $5 for a foot.

I spoke with 846 team members who also explicitly recommended Vexpro Hex stock over McMaster Carr. They said that the tolerances were off/not precise enough as well.

IIRC, the fitment issues are because the McMaster stuff is toleranced to +/- 0.005", while the VexPro stuff is toleranced to -0.005/+0.000.

Yes. I completely agree that having something with a +0.000 tolerance would be better. That doesn’t get my robot built if I’m on a deadline. You take what’s available and modify as necessary to achieve your objective. McMaster is generally always available.

You could always machine your own :wink:

If I’m not mistaken, wcp also sells hex stock? It doesn’t appear as though they’re out of stock, though I can’t comment on tolerances.

If I’m not mistaken, wcp also sells hex stock? It doesn’t appear as though they’re out of stock, though I can’t comment on tolerances.

WCP sells the VEXpro hex shaft. It does appear that they currently have the 3’ 1/2" hex in stock.

Maybe R.C. can chime in on the availability on things.

Gotcha, thanks. Sorry for the double post.

We resale all of the VEXpro parts, we have a few pieces of 3’ 1/2" hex stock left. We had a local customer who ordered too much return us some (brand new in the package).

We won’t have anymore in stock soon, this is just leftover.