VexPro WCD VersaChassis Hex Shaft?

We ordered 4 of these but weren’t really sure how they’re used.

What’s the purpose of the indentation for a retainer clip?

Can someone show how they’re used?

So after looking at the render that Vex Pro has posted, the snap ring groove seems to be retaining the sprockets running from the WCP/Vex Pro gearboxes to the shaft. The other side is tapped with a 1/4-20 in my best guess is primarily used to retain the wheels for the Versachassis set up that is shown by Vex.

Also to answer your other question, retaining clips are used to securely place some component on a shaft with precision. Special pliers are required to place them on shafts and most can be found from retailers such as McMaster, Grainger, etc. The main examples that you can see are in gearboxes and on miscellaneous shafts. If you would like a picture I can certainly snag one for you in regards to the gearbox example.

Hope this clears things up.

The Manual will be going up here shortly, but Cory is correct. Basically the snap ring holds the sprockets in. The other side is tapped, all you have to do is cut to length and use a 1/4-20 bolt with a washer. You could use a collar/snap ring as well to retain the wheel.

How deep is the 1/4-20 tap? (read: how much can we cut it and retain the tap?)

Under Drawing:

Its tapped about 1.5" deep, it should work for almost any wheel configuration. You can also drill deeper if needed.

Thanks for all the info! Also, out of curiosity… what’s the benefit of using bolt&washer and/or a retaining clip for holding the sprocket and wheel as opposed to axle collars? More robust?


You want to use a snap ring, its the most robust method. Teams have had great success with the bolt + washer method along with the clamp collar.

1/4-20 bolt + washer OR clamp collar work out of the box, you don’t need any machining. So your free to choose either.

You can snap ring the end as well if you have access to a lathe.