vex's 775 on tank drive

has anyone experienced driving with vex’s new 775? In theory it would work, but i’m afraid they could burn in a match

I would be very worried about burning the 775s up. These motors will be gone in seconds if fully stalled. A situation that is very common for drive train motors. You might be able to get it to work on a mecanum drive train but i wouldn’t recommend it on any drive train with any traction.

You can probably get away with it if:

  1. Put a fan on the motors
  2. Current limit as to never stall at 10-12V, it can handle stall at a lower voltage.

Last year, team 1540 used 775s to power our octocanum drivetrain. We originally had minicims, but decided to make a daring switch to 775s to reduce weight so that we could add a can grabber. We did not experience any problems using them as drive motors. However, I do not recommend using 775s as drive motors except in extremely specific circumstances. In a game with no defense and wheels with traction low enough that the drivetrain was always traction limited, the 775s were fine.

Long story short, using 775s in a drive train is extremely risky at best, and large amounts of magic smoke is a very real possibility.

If your system is traction limited you should be fine as the motors should never stall. Consequently though, you would also have either a very low speed robot or very slick drive wheels. A two speed shiftier with current sensing might be the way to go.