VH-109 connection issues with rPI-4

I’ve encountered an issue when I connect a raspberry Pi4 to the VH-109 it causes the driverstation unable to connect 9/10 times. When I took off the Pi4 completely connection has always been a guarantee. My radio is connected via PoE, and the Pi4 powered through a DC converter. DIP switch 3 is the only one active while the other two are toggled off. I also swapped out the vh-109 with the radio we used prior to it connected to the pi4 and it worked perfectly fine. What can I do to fix this issue?

Can you confirm that the Driver Station software and VH-109 are running up to date software/firmware.
What’s the IP address of the Driver Station?
What’s the IP address of the Raspberry Pi?
For the connectivity problems, are you seeing problems with the driver station software or a dashboard, or are you unable to connect to the robot wireless network?

my DS is set to automatic DHCP and is the ip address for the raspberry Pi. The network shows up for my robot perfectly fine. The problem is shown within the driverstation logs: Warning  44002  Ping Results: link-bad, DS radio(.4)-bad, robot radio(.1)-GOOD, roboRIO(.2)-GOOD, FMS-bad Driver Station.

This is a self assign IP address, which a device will assign itself when it fails to get an address from DHCP.

I would recommend setting the Raspberry Pi to a static address (see WPILib documentation for list of usable static IP’s)

This is a normal error message for operating a robot in home mode, robot radio and roboRIO are responding to ICMP from the Driver Station and we aren’t seeing the field network (10.TE.AM.4) or an FMS connection.

We seem to be having a very similar issue to you, with the only difference being that we are having the issue when connecting limelights and not a Pi4. By any chance was your radio wired with both POE from a Rev radio power module and 12v from the PDH? We are trying to find out if maybe we have fried our radio as it was wired like this at some point for us, and found out after the fact it was said not to do this in the documentation. We are currently in a time crunch before attending IRI later this week so we are trying just about anything to fix the issue.

No we have never used both methods to power the radio at the same time. We’ve been alternating methods recently for testing purposes.