VH-109 Radio with Unofficial FMS

We are looking to use the VH-109 radios at our Week Zero event come February but having some issues configuring them. I remember hearing at one point that the same VH-109 radio would be used as the field access point as well, but I can’t find any documentation regarding setting up the access point for anything but a team access point. Would that work with an FMS?

Our networking stack is a Ubiquity setup, so we haven’t attempted any telnet configuration or team VLANs in the past. If we don’t do this, can we still use the kiosk? Maybe set all the teams’ keys to the same thing? We use Cheesy Arena Light running in Proxmox for our FMS system.

Please tell me if I’m completely misunderstanding this as well.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: link to most recent updates on new radio thread.

Firmware for the 109s to essentially become 113 field APs has not been released yet (due this or next month), and VH-113 APs are not yet for sale - Vivid Hosting is working to get them out ASAP but it’ll be a few months.

With the soon to be released firmware you can use a second 109 as a field AP, but you will likely need to add some heat sinking and monitor temperatures and/or lower your duty cycle/match cycle as the 109 will get HOT in use.

I plan to purchase a 113 when released for our February week 0, but will use a spare 109 for setup and testing when possible the next few months.

Vivid has been working with the cheesy arena developers on team 254 To come up with a working API and working cheesy arena out of the box. If you look at the annual full cheesy arena repository it is getting actively worked on for the upcoming competition - I haven’t seen any pulls yet to cheesy arena lite - I suspect they won’t come till after this year’s Cheesy Champs.


Thank you so much, that really clears it up. :smile: I don’t know how I missed that thread when I was looking for info yesterday.

I am not a networking or IT expert - I’m an EE that likes power, the power path, power electronics, etc…so take what I say next with that slant/perspective…

I’m not sure if an unmanaged setup like you currently can run in cheesy arena will be further supported. We may only get a managed VLAN out-of-box implementation.

Perhaps @Pat_Fairbank can shed some light on the high level plans (not asking for anything specific or dates as you guys diligently work on the software for your upcoming off-season).