VHSL (VA) recognizes robotics as an official Academic Activity

The following applies to nearly all public Virginia schools. Text copied from First Chesapeake’s Facebook page. Direct source is http://VHSL.org/robotics-3

The VHSL will feature Robotics for the first time as a League sanctioned Academic Activity for the 2019-20 school year.

The attached documents will be posted to the VHSL website, and are provided here for administrators to communicate to their respective program leaders.

• VHSL Handbook and Policy Manual – Section 137: Robotics

• VHSL Robotics Submission Rubric
• VHSL Robotics Submission Form

The program of Robotics Championships will take the form of an evaluation, similar to the current program for publications within the League. Robotics teams will compete in various events throughout the school year, and chronicle their work in a submission form that is then evaluated by robotics and engineering professionals from around the country. Programs selected as award winning will be recognized at a year-end event, the date and location of which to be determined. If a school participates in more than one platform for Robotics, one entry per platform may be submitted. All students participating in any way on the entry, must meet all VHSL eligibility requirements. All entries must be received by April 30, 2020 by the VHSL. Schools are encouraged to submit entries as early as possible to facilitate distribution to judges, but all entries received by April 30 will receive full consideration


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