VI Package Manager

Hello community!

I searched a bit, but could not find much. (Except the one TipJar by us at FRCMastery) I am curious if teams/mentors use the VI Package Manager from JKI. The NI LabVIEW Tools Network is linked to the VIPM. Really cool add-ons like the openG libraries can be downloaded with this tool, and kept up to date.

VIPM packages can be produces by any version of VIPM. It would allow for some of the veterans to distribute useful libraries/functions. (Maybe something like Vision Tracker examples)

I am adding a poll to this thread, to get the feel of the community.

Well, I’d probably use it more if I knew how to post to it.
Currently, though, I just use it for the OpenG libraries, if I bother. I don’t use them enough to put it on every computer I install LabVIEW on; I just use it with my personal laptop.