Viable Alternative for Banebot Wheels

We are using banebot wheels (the green ones, which I think have 40A durometer) on one of our manipulators. However, we’ve noticed that after three to four days of active use, the banebot wheels already look like they need to replace. We are using a total of nine banebot wheels, which means over 30 dollars to replace them, not to mention how fast they worn out.

While I shouldn’t have overestimated the durability of these wheels, is there a cheaper, more viable alternative to these wheels? For instance, we’re considering switching the banebot wheels to rollers wrapped around with polyurethane strips or something of the sort… Or is there something better?


I’d recommend the andymark treaded wheels we have never had one of those strip in us.

I like the idea of switching to polycord. We’ve used both, and polycord has been more effective. Do some research about how to melt it together beforehand, though.

Andymark HiGrip for shooters work great. Intake - I would look to Polycord or how the GreenHorns made their intake.

We used soft neoprene pipe insulation in 2012, 2014 and again this year.

In 2014, after a few matches our rollers would show some wear and we added to tape. Even if you have to replace them after each day of the competition, the material is cheap, soft and grippy.


Daniel, it may help to specify that you’re looking for wheels that interface with the gears, not the balls. :wink:

… Right :smiley:

The harder the banebots wheels are, the more wear they can take. The blue ones are very wear resistant compared to the green wheels.

The green wheels get worn/shredded really quickly( similiar thing happens to the orange). The blue ones are pretty good at resisting damage, but will still wear down over time.

Colsons could be a good option if you can get them in the size you need( could be around the same cost of the BB wheels if you need smallish ones and make your own hub) they are pretty grippy on gamepieces as long as you periodically remove the residue which has built up.