Viable robot simulator for 2019+?

I’m the lead programmer for team 6884 and I was just curious if there were any viable options to simulate a robot? It would be really handy to test code without a physical robot.

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This is a huge plus for python programming. We have used the simulator extensively to test new concepts.

If you’re talking about code simulation, most of the infrastructure is there for C++ and Java simulation, but there’s little to no documentation/tutorials yet, and many vendors don’t support it this year either. Some folks have used it successfully though: Wpilib rocks!


Yeah, for me the code simulation has been awesome when I don’t have a robot to work on but still want to be able to test code with joysticks and what not.
I’ve not seen much (if any other than the Wpilib rocks! thread) so I wrote this to explain setting it up based on bits and pieces from other threads, and how I got it to work on multiple computers.

It doesn’t however simulate the physical robot and allow you to drive it around.


Autodesk synthesis?

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