Viable Stair Climbing Drive System?

So getting warmed up for the kickoff, I did a quick 2d CAD of my drivetrain idea. Keep in mind it is my first time CADing, so it is not to scale what so ever. I don’t even know how to use measurements in the CAD program (QCad Linux Community version)

Designing is more fun than actually doing the math. My mentality was an adjustable front wheel base that can go up and down stairs. I assume that it can be used with treads or wheels. The front wheels would be connected by a bar going across and held in place by pneumatics. The tensioner adjusts the tension with pneumatics. Oh and I think it should use 2 motors on the toughbox, I don’t think 1 motor has enough kick

edit: Notice the Team Role…

That is with everything on there, but its kinda hard to see each part so I split it up.




Interesting idea and nice thinking outside the box.

The first issue I can see is with drive chains - as the front wheel articulates, will the distance between sprockets change? This changes how much chain needs to be between them and throws chains out of tension.

A solution is to chain your pivoting member to a sprocket attached to the actual pivot point - this way the distance between any connected sprockets does not change.

I assumed the pneumatic actuators would compensate for the difference in tension. Wouldn’t the pivoting part get “caught” on what ever its trying to go over?

I believe that he intends to take care of the change in chain length with the pneumatic system if I understood his design correctly. This is definitely an interesting idea and might also work on larger obstacles such as the bumps from last year with the correct placement of chains.

Definitely a nice and a good workaround for larger steps.

Kinda like that? I better start learning how to CAD properly, 3D would be better.


I am currently trying to model it in 3D with Google sketchup… I failed miserably at Blender

Oh well after hours as Sketchup… it looks terrible.