Hello there! can anyone pass me some pictures of a victor taken apart so i can see the insides of the PCB, etc? or any ideas on how to make one of these?
Thank you!

pictures will not help you reverse engineer this device. It has a dark conformal coating on both sides and the part numbers are mostly covered as well. Most people can tell you it is a standard “H” bridge motor controller with three FETs in each leg. There is a Pic controller on board, as I remember, to decode incoming PWM, provide drive, calibration, LED decoding and drive. Add to that, the interface drive parts for the gates of the FETs plus some drain equalizing resistors for each FET and that about fills up the board. Most of it is surface mount as well.

my question would be why you would want to make one? One you made yourself would CERTAINLY not be FIRST-legal, and probably cost you more to make than buying it from IFI anyway.