Victor 884

Does Any one know if a victor 884 can take 24 volts, or even 14.4 volts?

and would the current ratings drop at a higher voltage?


the victor 884 can take up to 15 volts @ 40 amps

ya…dont overpower it…our team has done it twice and it aint pretty :wink:

I speculate it also doesn’t smell very good.

In 2006, team 177 was in a frenzy after our first match on Einstein because we thought we had blown a Victor. There was an awful smell, most of our Victor fans weren’t spinning, and there was what we thought was a smoke-smudge on the top wall of our controls panel.

It wound up that a tread from the opposite alliance had gotten sheared, causing the smell, but we didn’t find out until afterwards. It’s scary when you’re trying to diagnose a problem in 5 minutes, and need your robot to do 110% on the field in the next match.

You could buy 885s.

Or 883s

If you have 883s around the shop, you can probably use those, but I would contact IFI to make sure your 883s are to the same specification as the new 883s.

24 volts NO but 14.4 yes. Remember that a fully charged competition battery fresh off the charger can be well over 13 volts. The MOSFETs are rated at 30 volts Vdss but the onboard voltage regulator might not be able to handle the additional input voltage. IFI does make a 24 volt version of this device, hence the 885 part number.