Victor 888 High Pitch Noise

We’re using the new victor 888s, they’re driving three cims, and each are hooked up to their own victor using a tri cable. We’ve tested continuity of the PWM cable, and concluded that the cables are fine (with some more tests such as voltage tests) But when we enable it, some of signal lights are flashing rapidly, and whenever we move at full blast, the correct indicator lights turn on.

Not sure what you mean by a “tri cable” (unless you’re referring to the three conductor PWM cable that links the Victors to the Digital Sidecar.)

It is normal for robots using Victor 888’s to emit a high-pitched sound when operating at low speed. What you’re hearing is an artifact of the motor coils being energized at a frequency that is well within human hearing range.

*The high-pitched noise is normal.

It’s the result of the 1,000Hz switching frequency of the 888.

Ok, so what about the indicator lights? Thank you.

I believe that is also normal.

The LED flash patterns are explained in the Victor User Manual. What you’re describing sounds like normal operation.