Victor 888's confuse me!!!

I have 4 Victor 888s power 4 CIMS on a my drive train. I am getting a high pitched noise and no LED, sometimes when given a PWM signal, sometimes just sitting Idle… any help is GREATLY appreciated!

I believe this noise is normal and due to the operating frequency of the victor.

The 888 LED turn off when provided partial power in either direction. If you are seeing this at neutral, calibrate the device. Victor 888 User Manual.

Mk.32 is right on the whine, there is a post around here somewhere by Paul Copioli attributing the noise to the 1KHz switching frequency.

This is the expected functionality of the Victor 888. It operates at a higher frequency than the 884 which is within the audible range for humans. Don’t worry about it.

Ok, whew! thanks for the response!