Victor as a Spike?

Can a victor be used as a spike, we are hooking our shooter motor to a victor but we have the pwm cable pluged into a relay output on the RC and i wanted to know if it can be turned off and on like a spike so we can conserve battery power.

The Victor must plug into a PWM RC output, not a relay output.

To operate a “Victor as a Spike”, command the PWM output to 254 (forward), 127 (off) or 0 (reverse).


Why? A spike and a victor have negligible differences in current demand compared to all the current consumed by the motors.

I think that “it” is the motor itself; he wants to toggle his motor on and off as if it were on a Spike, but the motor needs to operate on a Victor.

In any case, Mike’s solution will work.

My team faced this problem. We had a roller we wanted to run at an “on” or “off” position , but it was powered by a Fisher Price CIM and the rules say you need a Victor on it.