Victor controls

I’m attempting to make drive code for our robot currently. We are planning to have our main drive run on a tank control, and our side drive mechanism run on the x-axis of the right hand stick after the right hand stick’s trigger has been activated.

We’re planning to use a victor for the side drive (a single motor). Would you use the Set method to run it or can you even control a victor via control if it’s not a RobotDrive declaration? Relevant current code below.

TY in advance.

class RobotDemo : public SimpleRobot
	RobotDrive maindrive; // main drive system
	Victor crab; // sideways drive system
	Joystick stickone; // right joystick
	Joystick sticktwo; // left joystick

		// These must be initialized in the same order
		// as they are declared above.
		maindrive(1, 2),	

if (stickone.GetTrigger())

Yes, you can use Set(), even if it is not part of your drive system.

Also, make sure you include that code in your teleop loop.

crab.Set(stickone.GetX()) <- And include a () after GetX

Thanks, i forgot the parenthesis.