Victor does not respond to inputs

Hey guys!

We’re having some trouble getting our robot to run. We took off all of the critical electronic components to eliminate variables. Right now we have only a victor connected to the sidecar. Code appears to be loaded on the robot, but the victor doesn’t seem to be responding to inputs. But there is no USB I/O on the driver station, is this important?
The driver station is reporting 12V, communication, robot code, stop button, etc. We use Java and Netbeans.

The cRIO also takes an abnormally long time to reboot, about 1100 seconds. We have attempted to reset and reimage the cRIO.


EDIT: Disregard. Problem was resolved – incorrect wiring.

While the boot time for the Crio is variable, I have never heard of anyone experiencing anything longer than a minute or two. I am guessing that you have a serious problem with the wiring. Try simply powering the Crio with nothing else connected and see if the boot time is normal. Then start adding things, first the radio, then peripherals. I suspect a sneak path through something attached to the Crio. You are using the power supply on the PD specially designed for this function? The Crio needs 19 volts minimum on the power input to work. It may boot on 12 volts but it is not guaranteed to function at the power input.