Victor=Fail on second digital sidecar

I know there have been posts about this already, but I wanted to talk about more than just the victor issue. Has anyone noticed that once you start using 2 digital sidecars all the rules just seem to go out the window? I noted this twice today.

Victors: Today was our first time using victors in labview. We have enough jaguars for everything but decided to use victors for our ball intake cause we don’t need that much control and need to save weight and space. We setup the victor on the second digital sidecar(slot 6) and selected “victor” on the open motor block. When we ran the program the motor gave a sudden jolt then died. Restarting the program gave the same result. We changed it to a jaguar(both electrically and in the open motor block) and it worked flawlessly. We then tried setting up a victor on the first digital sidecar(slot 4) and it ran no problem. Note that the above experiments took place in a fresh robot project and there were no other motors declared.

Encoders: In our main code we already have 4 encoders running on our wheel’s using sidecar 1 without issue. Upon trying to use an encoder on the second sidecar, we ran into trouble. We opened a fresh robot project only to find that the encoder would only count when the robot was disabled and not when enabled. Changing over to sidecar 1 made it run just like the other four in our actual robot code. Once again, all testing was done in a freshly made robot project with no other encoders declared.

Is there any explanation for this behavior? I know its just a matter of re-arranging our IO (because jaguars and servos still run fine on the second sidecar) but I still would like to know why this is happening. Our whole season has been like this with labview. A problem arises without reason, rectifies itself before it can be explained, and leaves us wondering if it will come back again.