Victor Lights

I know I have seen this before but I cant remember exactl what it means though. The victor that is attached to our minibike motor is working at all, no matter what we do it just flashes orange. what do we do?

Check that the PWM cable is eeated correctly.

Also check the continuity of the pwm cable (we have found bad ones!).

The blinking light means the Victor is not getting a PWM signal.

Check the PWM cables, 2 of the ones we got in the kit were no good.

it probably not the cables guys. we had the same problem but i kept plugging it in until finally i happen to get it in correctly and it worked fine. Try plugging in the pwm cable at slightly tilted you will get it. We had this problem before and I was also able to help out another team with this problem with this solution. Chances are the problem doesnt lie in the cable or the pwm itself.

hopefully this helps

Sometimes the pins on PWMs get bent or need to be bent to fit into the speed controller. I had this problem, but instead of un-routing all of my pretty electronics, I just bent the pins outward (think: shape of a “W” ) and it worked.

Flashing Orange means the Victor is not getting a PWM signal. And yes we had problems with bad cables also.

Because of the plastic shield around the PWM port on the Speed Controller it’s kinda hard to see if you made a complete connection so try pulling the cable out and put it back and that should solve your problem. I doubt it’s a defective cable but if you strongly think otherwise try another cable and see what happens. Usually though it’s just seated correctly. I’ve had to reseat a PWM cable into the SC at least 5 times before I got it right. Try bending one pin slightly so that it can guide the rest of the pins into the port. Also make sure that you are not off a pin on the RC side as well - it’s just as easy to miss a pin on the RC as it is a hole of the SC.

Yea we had the same problem with our cables in the first couple of weeks. The victors were blinking orange and we found out that 3 of our pwm cables were bad. We are just going to make our own pwm cables like last year. Since we have made them i dont think that we have had one problem with them.

Try making sure it’s not the pwm port on the RC either. We had one victor that wasn’t working; originally we thought it was the cable, but we switched with a working cable and it worked fine. So then we flipped a cable with a different victor, and huzzah!, the blinking victor worked.

But now the other one didn’t.

To us it appears that PWM 2 on our RC isn’t working correctly.

It may be the code, If you are running more than 2 motors, i sugesst recoding.