victor polarity

back in week five… when we FINALLY got our drive chain done and aligned and working, one was going backwards when you pressed forward on the joystick, in order to fix it, it was suggested to switch the polarity of the engines on the victors, it works now but i have three questions, first, will this pass inspection? second, is this bad for the motor, and third, if any of these answers are #1no, or #2yes, how can we fix it?

The answer to the first one is yes, the second one is no.

Swapping the polarity of the motors into the victor is fine. It is a real easy way to get the direction of your motors right without doing any software at all. It can be used by teams that use the default code and don’t want to do software work.

Yes it will pass.

No it isn’t bad. In fact the victors perform this reversal internally in order to reverse the direction of the motor.

No fix needed.

To clarify: It is fine to switch the M+ and M- leads going to the motor.
The V+ and V- leads, however, cannot be switched, for this will break your Victor in a hurry.