Victor problems..... we think?

We are using a motor to raise an arm for our robot. It was working great and now it is not strong enough. Before the victor running to this motor had both 12 volts running to it and out of it. Thus making our motor strong enough.

Now there is 12 volts going to it and only 5.8 volts coming out. (thus making our arm not strong enough. Any suggestions. There had not been any changes on the robot except for an air compressor that runs the pneumatics. Any suggestions?

Could our victor we at fault. Thanks for your help and advice.


By any chance, do you have the speed controller declared as a Jaguar in your code? that would make it go about half speed.

Check your controls to ensure that you are giving full power to those motors.

Using a voltmeter, ensure that the speed controlled is receiving around 12v.

It could also be possible that someone changed the value passed to the victor to half speed. Look through your code for that.

Also, you could have a every dead or no good battery (a battery that is no good will still charge to normal voltage, but will experience a severe drop in voltage when put under load.) Check the voltage the battery is giving when you operate the arm.