Victor SP model help

Does anyone have a Creo model of the Victor SP speed controller? Or can someone tell me how to trim off the wires that stick out on the STEP file you can export from the VEXPro site? I’m cleaning up our final model before I send it to PTC and I can’t figure out how to do it, it says the imported feature is a solid but if I extrude a solid to subtract and trim the wires nothing happens (it says I’m entirely outside the model).

Wow, that is a bad STEP file. It was output from an assembly as a single part and it has some bad geometry in the middle. Best I could do was remove the wires and connectors in IDD mode. See attached. It would take some time to try and clean this up to the point of making it solid. For now, you’ll have to work with it as a surface model until we can get a better STEP file from VEX.

It will look solid when shaded, but it will be purple and yellow in wire frame. Yellow edges are the open edges with no corresponding surface.

You will not be able to do hidden line removal in a Creo drawing with this model either. That is the biggest downside to bad imported surface models. I had the same problem with one of the viair compressors.

-Scott (2.33 MB) (2.33 MB)

I used the Import Data Doctor to get rid of those wires. The original file was a disaster. Import Data Doctor lets you get to surface-specific control on the import file. It is tedious, but I taught the students to do it so I don’t have to worry about it any more.

I spent an afternoon last fall completely cleaning up the victor SP models in solidworks.

This is a .stp file and has the wires completely removed. It should import nicely to Creo.


I’ve updated the STEP file on the website so it should no longer have any faulty faces, in addition there is a STEP file with trimmed down wires in the Zip file on the webpage.

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Sorry, the attachment on my previous post didn’t work for some reason. Here is a link to where I posted the victor model before:

The ones on the vex robotics website are very much improved over the initial ones. Looks great.