Victor Speed Controllers

We just finished out Robot, but now our Victor Speed Controllers are neutral and won’t work. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You seem to be implying that your Victors were working fine at some earlier time (this season), but now are not working. Was that your intended meaning?

When you enable your robot, do the orange lights on the speed controllers turn solid, or do they continue to blink?

Likely, you don’t have a good connection between your victor and your digital sidecar. Victors are extremely finicky to plug in.

Yeah, the victors were working earlier.

We have four Victors, three are blinking and one is solid orange.

Check here for what the status codes on control system components mean:!prettyPhoto


  • Green - full forward
  • Orange - neutral / brake
  • Red - full reverse
  • Flashing orange - no PWM signal
  • Flashing red/green - calibration mode
  • Flashing green - successful calibration
  • Flashing red - unsuccessful calibration

Are the blinking ones blinking orange?

Blinking orange means they are not getting a valid PWM signal.

Look carefully at how the PWM connector is installed into each of the 3 Vics that are blinking, and compare them to the one on the Vic which is solid orange.