Victor SPX Controller neutral brake mode?

I have been reading up on how the talon speed controllers have a neutral mode that can be altered. I am using victor spx controllers for my drive train and right now when the motors aren’t actively being spun, they continue to spin with the momentum of the robot. I learned that with the talons you can set the neutral mode to brake so that the motor automatically slows its rotation:


Is there a way I can do something like this for the victor spx controllers?

Yes, you can write literally the same thing.

When I try this for a VictorSPX it says “NeutralMode cannot be resolved to a variable”

PWMVictorSPX motor;

You can’t use the CAN functions on the PWM object.

So is it simply not possible to do something like this with these controllers or can I create a different object where I can use the CAN functions?

I believe you’ll need to import the vendordep, and use the regular non-PWM instance.

If your Victors are actually connected over PWM, you can EDIT:NOT use Phoenix Tuner to configure them. There’s a little square button on the top that lights up where you can change the brake mode.

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Isn’t there a physical button to toggle the brake mode?

Yes, see page 9 of the User’s Guide:

To switch between Brake and Coast mode, simply push the B/C CAL button at any time. The Victor SPX is in Brake mode when the button is illuminated red and Coast when the red light is turned off.


This only works for CAN. As mentioned above, the Brake/Cal button is used to enable brake mode. Once enabled, it’ll stay like that between power cycles.

Don’t hold down the brake button on startup, or you’ll enter calibration mode. Just press it once with a pen tip after it turns on.

Oh sorry you’re right. We mostly use Spark Max nowadays where you can directly plug into the controller.

The SPARK MAX has a similar button that is used when it is in PWM mode.

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