Victor SPX in WPILib?

This year we want to use Victor SPX from VEX. However, there isn’t any classes for them through WPILib, only Victors and Victor SPs. We also haven’t been able to find anything on them in Delphi, so does anyone have any ideas? Will the Victor SP class work?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

If you’re trying to communicate with them over PWM use the PWMVictorSPX class:

If you want to use CAN you need to install the CTRE Phoenix package to get the can version of the VictorSPX class:

Exactly, what we needed. Thank you!

Do you have any information for LABView instead of JAVA?

What kind of information? If you need to download the libraries, you use the same installer.

From the first CTR link in my original post, there’s links to LabVIEW code examples:

What about Coding the Victor SPX that is CAN not PWM?
Start at the top, work your way to the bottom.