Victor SPX not Supported by LabVIEW?

Hey all, I was told by one of my builders to use a Victor SPX in LabVIEW for an event that we are doing around Christmas. However, I looked up the documentation for the Victor SPX and it says that it’s not supported by WPILib. Does that mean that the Victor SPX is not supported by LabVIEW?

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Is there a third-party application that can be implemented into LabVIEW? If so, how would I do that?

Sorry, I’ve removed my post, I mis-read and thought it worked exactly like WPILIB, but I realized its not what it said, so I hold my tongue to not further give inaccurate info.

It’s just a PWM speed controller, basically any similar controller (any previous victors, OG Talon/SR, etc) is directly compatible with the same PWM signal. We just said our PWM SparkMAXes were original Sparks in code, never bothered to change it.

Thank you both for the heads-up. So it wouldn’t make a difference if I set the Motor Controller Open subVI to Victor SP? It would just do the same thing, right?

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Download and run Phoenix Installer:

This should place the necessary LabVIEW libraries for Victor SPX.

When you right-click on the block diagram in LabVIEW, you can find the third party VIs for the Victor SPX as shown here:

Thank you! I will have my other coders run this installer as well so everyone is up to date.

Maybe some confusion about whether these are wired for PWM (red/black/white wire to RoboRIO) or for CAN (green/yellow twisted wire to CAN bus between RIO and PDP).

For PWM, I would probably just treat them as a Victor SP (their predecessor that was PWM-only).

For CAN, you need the libraries I put above.

Good luck!

Can you point to that documentation?

I just looked at the documentation found here and I realized that I didn’t read it through entirely. I didn’t realize that the note on the Victor SPX chapter said “Victor SPX CAN control is not supported from WPILib”, missing the CAN part of that sentence.
Sorry for wasting you guys’ times!

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