Victor SPX Wires Touched And Sparked

One of our Victor SPX controllers got motor output wires touching together. We didn’t realize they were touching and powered it on with 0.5(percentoutput) power. They touched and sparked for about 2 seconds. It is working fine without any problem as of now. Should we spare it from duty? Can it be damaged badly?

“it sparked for about 2 seconds” scares me the most with this post. I would use it for now (non-comp bot) but know that magic smoke is closer than it appears :joy:

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They’re probably fine, seeing as they’re still working, but if you’re using them for your drivetrain (or so other high stress/critical mechanism) I might not risk it.

Other than that, as long as the status LEDs don’t show the following patterns they should be ok.

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Yeah, probably won’t put it to comp bot. What hurts the most is it wasn’t even a day old.

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Honestly? It’s probably fine. Cut the charred ends of the wires off, get some good connectors on there, and put it back on.

Controllers can withstand full stall current (which is basically a short circuit) for a few seconds, and the breakers are there to protect downstream components.


Lights are normal. We were planning it to use it on claw of the intake so no high stress/load.

Cables are fine, no burnt strands or dark colored parts. For now I just taped wire ends.

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