Victor SPX

Hello! Team 9172 here, were having problems trying to update/install the lastest firmware to the victor spx, and we were wondering if someone can help us update it?

Can you describe the issues you’re having?

Here’s a link of how to update CTRE devices on the CAN bus: Bring Up: CAN Bus — Phoenix documentation

If you describe the issues you’re having in more detail, perhaps someone could help you further.

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We downloaded phoenix turner and pressed the update firmware button but the victor spx does not update and our team noticed we get an error message

It appears that your code is referencing motor controllers that do not exist. A few things to check would be, do your CAN ids line up in phoenix tuner, are you using the correct vendor deps and firmware, not pro, can you blink the motor controllers in phoenix tuner?


We updated the CAN id to 6 and our code references 6. However, when trying to update the firmware, it says “CouldNotOpenFile” and we still received errors about needing to update the firmware when deploying our code to the roborio. Any thoughts here? Thank you for your help.

@IHateTuningPID from my understanding our CAN ids line up in phoenix tuner. We can also blink the motor controllers from phoenix tuner. What do you mean by correct vendor deps and firmware?

Here are some photos on how we use the motor controller:

In Phoenix Tuner v1 you need to select the firmware file before pressing the Update Device button.
That’s why it’s giving you the “could not open file” error, it’s trying to open a file with an empty name.

Press the “…” button to open the file selector, which should default to the firmware location.
If for some reason it doesn’t default to the right location the firmware files are typically located in “C:\Users\Public\Documents\FRC\2023 Firmware”.

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Vendor deps are the file in the project under the vendordeps folder with the name of the distributors of the motor controllers you are using. They allow you to interface with the devices. For phoenix you can find the newest at

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