Victoria, BC FRC Batteries


Team 8871 is participating in the Canadian Pacific Regional this season and had a few problems that we are trying to solve. We are hoping some participants both this season or former might be able to help us out with.

The primary concern we have right now is batteries (Flying in so cant pack batteries). We were wondering if there were any stores in the Victoria area that sold FRC compliant batteries. We were planning on purchasing at least two there and potentially borrowing a few more if other teams/ spare parts were able to assist us with this.

Naturally we wouldn’t be able to take any purchases back with us so we would be happy to donate any we purchase to teams that are able to accommodate them

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Canadian Tire is a Canadian chain that has the legal batteries. It seems like they have some in stock in BC. You can check the closest stores stock on the site.

I wouldn’t recommend banking on the spare parts batteries, they’re usually pretty bad.

Yeah, thats why we would rather purchase some than rely on that. Plus its never 100 percent that they would even be available. Thanks for the suggestion!

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