Victors and Talons on Sale

Just got an email from AndyMark that the pre-order of Talons and Victors are now open.

They say they will be available in late December. I might be late to the game but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows they are now open just incase I’m not :slight_smile:

Just ordered 5 of the talons with our PDV.

Just ordered several talons myself… all went smooth.
It is a preorder of course… no indication of when they will be sent.

Just ordered 6 Talons using PDV - it said “in stock”

it said in stock but it also said pre-order. we will see if they ship tomorrow.

They were out of stock by 9:30pm CT…is this just a temporary blip or do we need to pay cash at Vex instead of using the PDV to get them close to kickoff?

Are these motor controllers anticipated to be in stock throughout the season? we have not yet made a decision on PWM vs CAN, and would like to avoid placing an order for one or the other purely on fear that they will go out of stock. Can VEX, CTRE, or AndyMark give any insight on projected stock levels?

In this case you could just play it safe and go with the talons, they work with both can and pwm.

Out of stock already. I sure hope that wasn’t their entire stock that just disappeared, because it’d be kind of ridiculous to not be able to use our PDV on these because we missed them being available by a few hours.

They’re back in stock as a “backorder” Hopefully it’ll be fulfilled before or shortly into build season.

Just ordered 6 of them, fingers crossed.

Just got a notice that Victor SP’s are starting to ship from AndyMark.
Christmas is coming!

No movement on the Talons yet.

I ordered some of the Talons over the weekend with our PDV. Andymark sent me an email this morning saying that that order is ready to ship and is awaiting pick-up by USPS…

Got some Talon SRX devices from VEX PRO, but they came without the data cable ( that you’d use to connect to encoders for closed-loop control.

The Talons that were in the beta kit had the data cable so we assumed each Talon would come with one, but apparently not. When you get them from AndyMark, do they include the data cable?

No data cable with the AndyMark purchase either.

Speaking of that data cable - $14.99 at VexPro? A bargain at maybe 1/15th the price! Talk about an insult to ones intelligence!

Digikey has a variety of similar cables at only $1 or $2 apiece (and you can use your $50 voucher there too!)

Thanks for pointing this out. When I read your post above I thought to myself, “can’t this guy read? It’s a 4 pack, not one cable!” But then I looked on our web site and noticed that nowhere do we say it is a 4 pack. Oops.

In any case, I can assure you that the 12.99 price is a 4 pack and the 217-4358 part number is a 4 pack. Sorry for the confusion and we will get the web updated ASAP.

[EDIT] I searched on Digikey to verify your price estimates and could not find it. What I did find is the exact equivalent cable assembly located at the link here:


Paul -
Thanks for the quick clarification - good to know that you are still finding the time to stay on top of these little things!

We’ll be placing our order today.

The VEXpro website has been updated to better reflect that the Talon SRX Data Cable comes in a four-pack. Don’t worry - any orders placed before this update will be receiving the 4-pack (as Paul pointed out, there never was a 1-pack for this cable).