Victors not Initializing

Hello there! I have been having a problem with victors today. The main problem is that we have had this code work in the past; however it refuses to work now.
To say what is happening to the victor, it blinks orange instead of staying solid orange when initialized. Any help would be much appreciated.
const static int WRISTMOTOR = 0;

Victor			WristDrv;

Robot() :

Thanks again!

What model of Victor?

It’s a SPX. Thanks for helping!

Are you using it with CAN or PWM?

It should be set up for PWM, however we are using Talon SRX controllers in CAN too, so that could be contributing to it.

Why not just use them in CAN if you’re already using Talons?

To use the Victor SPX with PWM, use the PWMVictorSPX class. To use the Victor SPX with CAN, use the VictorSPX class from CTRE’s Phoenix library.