Victors or Jaguars not connected to motors

Our team is concerned about the reported issues with Denso window motors and Jaguars (

We decided a good solution would be to have both a Jaguar and a Victor on the robot. The code would set both of them to run at the same time and the code would use the encoder connected to the Jaguar to set the speed of the Victor when in position control mode.

On the robot, only one of the speed controllers (either the Jaguar or the Victor) would actually be connected to the motor, however both speed controllers would have commands being sent to them.

I know that each motor must be connected to one and only one speed controller, but is there any rule against having a speed controller that is being used but not connected to a motor?

I’ve looked through the rules and haven’t found any problem with this.

That sounds kind of convoluted.

Why not connect the encoder to the Digital Sidecar and run the PID for the Victor on the cRIO? Seems much easier and is definitely legal.

Well we would prefer to just use a Jaguar, the Victor is only a backup if the Jaguar doesn’t work. The Jaguars provide easy access to the encoder data, so it really just makes our wiring and primary control method easier.

Ah, ok. I understand now.

I cannot find any rule that would make this setup illegal, but I would probably ask the Q&A to be sure.

Last year my team’s “ball magnet” mechanism powered by a victor never made it on our bot on thursday.
Our inspector did question the function of our fully wired victor with no output, but passed us nevertheless.
I think you should be fine.