VictorSPX with PWM issue

Hi. we are using the VictorSPX via PWM. We have encountered a problem in which the motor will spin one direction and then on trying the other direction it status led is idle but is spinning but in intervals. We used a multimeter and found that it was giving 5 to 6 volts when we pressed the button. In addition to this, we have the problem that some motors will work but then suddenly just stop working and will work again randomly. We believe it might be a problem with the PWM to the roborio.

Thank you

This is a good chance to do some scientific debugging. Think about all the parts in your system. Let’s work backwards from the motor, so you (with some unlikely parts omitted) have:

  • The motor itself
  • The Victor (and its software configuration)
  • The PWM cable
  • The PDB / breakers
  • The roboRIO
  • The software
  • The driver station
  • The button/controller

You should try replacing or resetting each part of the system and checking if it fixes the issue. Only change one part at a time. You can start with the most likely culprit first (probably the Victor?). Hope this helps.

Are you writing to the motor in more then one location in code?

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